Solo One Fitness is a small, family run business located in the centre of Beverley, East Yorkshire.  

  The Personal Touch  

The idea for Solo One Fitness was inspired by our own experiences with fitness and health. We realised we each had our own individual needs when it came to working out and larger gyms didn’t offer the personal touch we were looking for. In particular, we understood that some people may lack the confidence to workout in spaces with lots of other people around. So, we made our own gym! Our philosophy is based on acceptance, and we aim to provide a safe, non-judgemental space where everyone is welcome. 
We look forward to joining you on your own personal health journey. Your health, Your way. 

  Meet Kerriann  

Our in-house trainer Kerriann is a qualified fitness instructor, personal trainer, and nutritionist. Her inspiring story is one of the many reasons we wanted to start Solo One Fitness. 
After years battling with her weight, and trying every fad diet out there, Kerriann took the plunge and got herself a gym membership. Diet alone wasn’t giving Kerriann the results she was looking for, so she spoke with one of the personal trainers at her gym, and she wasn’t disappointed! 

Kerriann's Journey  

After 18 months of being trained and receiving nutrition advice, she managed to lose 6 stone in weight. It took hard work and commitment, but it ushered in a new lifestyle for Kerriann….and she has never looked back. 
Four years on and she is now a fully qualified personal trainer herself, having taught online fitness classes to clients all over the world. She uses her personal experience to provide a non-judgemental, friendly, and understanding service to her clients. 

Client Feedback  

"Thank you so much Kerriann! I have really enjoyed my workouts in the studio and I feel so good about myself. Can't wait for my next session!" 
"Kerriann really motivates and supports you. Her nutrition plans and workouts are amazing. They 100% work and are tailored to YOU. Believe me, this will be the start of a new you." 
"I would recommend Solo One Fitness to anyone. Kerriann is brilliant. If this is something you are thinking about doing...stop thinking and just join!" 
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